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About Oneway Finserve

We are OneWay Financial Services Private Limited with our registered office at Ayarkunnam, Kottayam in the state of Kerala. We act as an agent in insurance and mutual fund business, consultant for credit facilities, overdraft facilities, term loans, project management and fund management as well as an educational consultant securing domestic college admissions throughout India.

We are involved in designing group insurance plans as well as retail plans at the lowest premium which provides insurance coverage for your life, health, home & home appliances, vehicles and other assets as well as your office or shop or business institutions. Thanks to our wide network of agents, the products reach the common public and ensure protection for their life and property.

By acting as a Direct Selling Agent for loans, we are able to help those sections of people who were kept away from credit facilities by renowned financial institutions.

We provide our complete attention to details to ensure customer satisfaction and to maintain a consistently high level of service thus creating a unique standing for the client and the company in every part.


Our Mission

Our mission is to secure your life and property with our lowest premium insurance plans.

Being a consultant in financial services and planning, we assist you in investing your hard earned money in secure channels which in turn provides a better return to it.

With our professional and experienced staffs, we ensure to offer you a quality professional education with international standards, helping around thousands of students, studying in various educational institutions across India.

Our Vision

Our vision is to give the best and finest service to our clients through our dynamic contacts and vast expertise. Integrity, Commitment and Customer Satisfaction are the basic values that we hold onto it. Today our financial solutions have been chasing down milestones one by one, emerging as a successful identity in the field of insurance and financial services in Kerala.